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the opposite of butherface.

a girl with a cute face, but lacks the body to make her a 10.
danny: man, that girl's cute!
rob: nah man, she's a butherbody
danny: what?
rob: her face is cute to look at but she has no body
danny: yeah ur right, she's kinda flat
by britt611 February 09, 2010
A form of smack-talk. Apply's in any means of competition whether it be video games, sports, etc. To "see someone for dessert" means that one person has already beaten his/her opponent or "eaten the main course", but the loser can have the satisfactory/consolation of a rematch or "See them for dessert", but any victory after the fact isn't as sweet.
Rob: I just beat you 4-0 in FIFA! See me for dessert

Nick: W/e you cheated, I want a rematch.

Rob: Sure but remember I beat you first.
by britt611 October 05, 2011

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