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Unnecessary words that executives use to make a statement seem more interesting, more informative, more important, or in the case of a report on a company's quarterly losses, more optimistic and less forewarning of people losing their jobs. Your manager uses bullshit speak when he's telling you why you were "laid off" (read: fired because he doesn't like you).

Bullshit speak consists of rarely-used words, words being misused, and on occasion, entirely made-up words.

Whenever LG's fridges, Sony's laptops, or Honda's airbags are blowing up in people's faces, you can be sure that a bunch of reassuring bullshit speak will follow, accompanied by a lot of out-of-court settlements.
Bullshit speak:
We are placing the stock under review, as we parse out how much of the disappointing quarter results can be chalked up to cyclicality and how much was the result of structural issues that have longer-term implications.

Colloquial English:
We're taking a closer look at the tacky garbage that we sell, as we figure out how much of the losses this past 3 months are because we're selling Halloween decorations at Easter, and how much of it is due to to us hiring carpenters to make cupcakes.
by brightshade782 December 27, 2011

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