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A great invention meant to protect the penis and balls.
Briefs are always comfortable even in a wedgie.
by Briefboy September 20, 2008
When someone pulls your(tighty whities, briefs, boxer briefs, or boxers) up and over your head! Creates pain in both the ass and balls! This is why the atomic wedgie is so popular among wedgies.
How to perform an atomic wedgie:
1- Make sure the nerd!you chose is wearing tightie wighties.
2- Call a crowd to the hallway/lunchroom you are performing the atomic wedgie in.
3- Throw nerd's books/lunch on the floor, as he bends down, pull his undies up.
4- Have a friend cover the nerd's mouth for he will start shrieking or crying.
5- Keep pulling the legholes should be showing by now, this is good for it means the nerd's briefs are firmly in between the victim's ass cheeks.
6- Now the undies should be at te back of the nerd's head. Keep pulling over the nerd's head. For added discomfort you can have another buddy pull down te victim's pants and spank the ass cheeks of your nerd till' they turn cherry red.
7- You may also tape the elastic to the chin of said nerd. Now te victim will be blinded and be running around hitting things.
8- Tear a hole in the nerd's tightie whities/colored briefs. Go to the cafeteria and get some slimy food to slip into te nerd's undies.
9- Now you have three options, you could release him and he will try to attack you, you could give him swirlies and not stop flushing, or you could hang him from the flagpole at the end of school.
10- You may now walk away knowing you have definately scarred him for life.
by Briefboy September 21, 2008
When your tighty whities are attached to the rope on the flagpole and then they raise it and that gives you a wedgie.
About two months ago, my parents went on a three week cruise. I got to school early, the bullies were waiting for me because they knew I wear tighty whities. They dreesed me down to my underwear and made me drink five huge glasses worth of water. It took so long for me to drink the water that by the time they had duct taped me to the rope, I was peeing on them. They lowered me, put ice in my underwear(it as winter) and started twisting my balls. OOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! This was a flagpole wedgie and they raised me up the full length and that is so high that the teachers never saw me. The only times they ever let me down was when the bullies fed me cafeteria food, EEEEWWWW!!!!, and made me drink water so I would pee and poop a lot. I wear extremely strong and stretchy so my tighty whities never ripped. Three weeks after I was raised up, my parents came home and called the police because I wasn't home. The police found me half naked attached to the flagpole covered in pee and poop! I was in that wedgie for three weeks and nineteen hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My older brother ripped the undies out of my asshole and that taught my nuts, penis and ass to not lett my brother near them.!!!!!!!!!!!! One kid had set up a video cam running the time that I was fed, watered, and raised. I couldn't change schools because that would be pointless. The asshole who taped put it on the web and the online yearbook. I was on CNN and News Channel 5.
by Briefboy September 21, 2008
Agreat invention designed to protect the penis and balls.
Briefs are always comfortable even in a wedgie!
by Briefboy September 20, 2008
When someone pulls up your underpants halfway up your back. Often done to nerds, dorks, geeks, rich kids, preps, freshmen, weak kids, and occasionally to storng people when done in a group.
I love giving myself wedgies. Briefs are comfortable always even in a wedgie.
by Briefboy September 20, 2008
When you get a wedgie while you are in bed.
Last night my older brother came in at midnight and, since i was asleep, he tugged at the front of my tighty whities, I was lying on my back in tighty whities taht were from six years ago(i'm not exagerating) so they were extremely tight,he lifted me up into a nuclear melvin which is also classified as a bed wedgie. I was screaming "Bloody Murder!!!!!". OOOWWWWWWW!!!
by Briefboy September 21, 2008
When you pull up on someone's underwear. Usually done by boxer-wearing kids to brief-wearers like me.
Briefs are comfortable except when in a wedgie!
by Briefboy June 29, 2008
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