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19 definitions by brie

bushwhacked is when a guy tries to eat a girl out, but can't because she has a bit too much bush.
Mike: dude, I tried to eat her out but, she had a fucking fro.
Adam: bro, you got hella bushwhacked!
Mike: Tell me about it! I used like a whole box of toothpicks.
by Brie October 16, 2004
oh jesus. when your too lazy to type it out.
"OJ, I just blew my load on the wall."
by Brie October 16, 2004
A gorgeous pop star who has more talent then most singers that are popular at the moment. She is beautiful and if I was as pretty as her I wouldn't wear a lot of clothes either. People who don't like her are just jealous
an out of this world beautiful celebrity
by Brie March 08, 2005
an attic or slang for address
Can I have your addy?
by brie July 27, 2003
Leaving a Puerto Rican Lifestyle.
(boricua is what Puerto Ricans are called) SO if you leaving the boricua lifestyle you ghetto.
Damn that girl is doing the boricua lifestyle .

Boricua lifestyle ghetto as hell
by brie April 02, 2005