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22 definitions by brie

When a person unexpectedly sends you a picture of their penis /or naked body. Especially true when you have not said or done anything to encourage the sharing of nudity .
I met this guy online and two emails in I said here's a picture of me at Orlando and the nest thing I know *BAM* Ambush Penis. So that was the end of that.
by Brie March 09, 2011
4 2
Short For Boricua .
Chica's are called bori.
When your lazy and dont want to say boricua
Hell yeah im a bori.
Boricua .
by brie June 09, 2005
44 43
A device used to put decorative frosting on cookies and cakes; another term for a cake decorator
Use the frosting weasel to make the roses on the cake
by Brie December 01, 2004
4 3
The Indian movie industry . . a play on "Hollywood."
Damn, these baliwood movies are all in a different language. . .
by Brie September 04, 2004
0 1
Someone that is fat. See Brie
Shit dawg, that bitch at work reminds me of Slutty McFagpie
by Brie November 14, 2003
4 7
a-ho is like asshole & ho combined. It's usually used towards your best girl-friend.
"You told him I want his sex? THANKS a-ho."
by Brie October 16, 2004
4 9
The force or drive one has in doing an activity.
Showing such vindiction during the election allowed the electors to see what determination he had, and for the winnings to be in his favour.
by Brie December 21, 2004
14 21