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A small and annoying child.
The playground was teeming with hellgramites.
by Bridgette September 22, 2004
Rad noodles is the same as "cool beans." It means "very cool."
The phrase was made up by me. Woohoo!
Bob:"I went to six flags."
Bill:"Rad noodles."
by Bridgette March 22, 2005
a quality showing how weird or ignorant you are
as in "If you have weirdisms you must be a dumbass"
by Bridgette March 04, 2004
Wow so fine Id fuck him in a heart beat. In a second if eh needed someone to have his baby I'd be like oh oh oh pick me.............
"yeah mom, who cares if im not marrying the babies father he's the lead singer in the hottest band!"
by Bridgette March 17, 2004
Someone who is better than all the rest!!!!!!!!! Sam, I love you!
Sam is awstamystreious and I love him!
by Bridgette March 02, 2004
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