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The sexual attraction to milk, usually when being ingested.
Guy: Watching you drink that chocolate milk gave me a hard-on.

Girl: Oh GOD, you have lactophilia!
by Brianna_Ashlee December 09, 2009
Craig Ferguson's explanation for the days BEFORE Autumn and AFTER Summer: Labor Day- Sept. 21.
Girl 2: Shut up, it's still summer!
Girl 1: Nuh uh, summer's over silly! It's Flummer!
by Brianna_Ashlee September 23, 2009
To become hooked or a frequent user of weed or marijuana.
John: Richie is such a prude.

Tim: Yeah, we should weedify him, and get him to loosen up.
by Brianna_Ashlee September 17, 2009
When a man sits down and crys for a minimum of 5 minutes about something he doesn't want anyone else to know.
Bobby: Where were you at lunch yesterday?

Dave: Oh sorry. Don't tell anyone, but I had myself a man-cry about Jenny.
by Brianna_Ashlee September 16, 2009
A woman 40+ looking for a companion using Cyberspace.
The Nerdy Cougar logged onto her email to see if she had matches any matches from eHarmony.
by Brianna_Ashlee July 24, 2009
An App for Blackberry phones that allows you to access Twitter and update statuses from your phone.
Brianna_Ashlee "just had lunch." from Twitterberry.
by Brianna_Ashlee July 05, 2009
The act of two women having an orgasm at the exact same moment during a threesome.
The two women moaned loudly during their blissful syncofuck.
by Brianna_Ashlee July 24, 2009

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