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2 definitions by brianisinthekitchen

When something sucks, when you're pissed.

Combination of English "WTF" and French "putain"
"Wuss: I can't make it to the party tonight, I gotta sew with my mom
Bro: WTF putain, you're such a dork"
by brianisinthekitchen October 18, 2010
When you have to shit really bad but can't make it to the bathroom on time, you therefore have to shit in your pants and this makes a pudding pie
John: why are you walking so damn weird? Walk straight baby

Melissa: can't! i just happened to drop a pudding pie in my pants, this makes walking straight impossible

Dude 1: i gotta get some adult diapers
Dude 2: why?
Dude 1: cuz i've been making some pudding pies recently, don't know why
Dude 2: just go see a colorectal surgeon
by brianisinthekitchen February 03, 2011