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4 definitions by brian poutlaw

a large dark lipped pussy that has been overly penetrated, resemlebing the lunch meat.
Your mom has some nasty ass roast beef pussy.
by brian poutlaw March 07, 2008
129 98
The act of shitting into a condem (preferably wet diarehea), then freezing it in preparation for inserting into oneself or another.
Hey dude, I totally put this icey carl into this chick last night.
by brian poutlaw March 05, 2008
10 3
The act of freezing a used tampon in anticipation for penetral use.
I tottally used an icey barbara on your mom last night
by brian poutlaw March 05, 2008
6 0
Excessive sweating in armpit area due to playing excessive amounts of nintendo 64 smash bros.
I got douched off the edge 4 times and all my kills got stolen causing me to have massive smash stains
by brian poutlaw March 05, 2008
6 1