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This is the advice that a girl's best friend gives to the guy that is currently courting said girl.
Ex. 1: Wow I really can't get a read on what this girl wants me to do, I'm gonna have to go ask for some "best friend advice".

Ex. 2: I'm totally going to get out of the friend zone now that I got some good "best friend advice".

Ex. 3: Hey Ashley, I'm lost, can I get some "best friend advice"?
#best #friend #advice #411 #friend zone
by Brian Dogood February 24, 2008
The type of blowjob that's just extremely chill. One of the best kinds of dome there is.
Obviously, Damon got some chill ass dome off his chick last night while they were watching "You've Got Mail."
#damon #chill #dome #c.a.d. #brain
by brian dogood April 21, 2008
The highest level of chill a person can possibly be.
Bob G. is chill as balls.
#chill #bob g. #damon #c.a.b. #chillin
by brian dogood April 21, 2008
Abbreviation for best friend advice.
Hey Jody, can I get some BFA on what to do about Kelly?
#bfa #best friend advice #advice #best friend #friend advice #girl advice
by Brian Dogood March 05, 2008
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