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fucking-retarded, assholes who flip around like the worthless monkeys they are at heavy-music shows. Everytime i see them, they hit people on the offsides and then almost get their asses kicked and they get pissed off at THAT PERSON for almost kicking their ass....its like: "dude, are you a fucking moron? you just kicked that guy!..THAT is why he is about to kill you!" I dont know who started this, but they deserve to die...i think it was the gay-ass emo/screamo/fakepunkish/ska/indie and whatever else you call that bullshit excuse for distorted guitar and drumming. These kids are not true at all, they're fake and they all hate MTV but they are JUST AS BAD. they are to be shot at once. And if you think im an old-washed up shit: im only 18. thank you. PANTERA
Hardcore Dancing? What ever happened to good old fashion moshpits? oh yeah, the young dumb-fuck generation is here...i forgot. i'm ashamed to be young today.
by brentwpapaleo November 17, 2006

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