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after u jo (jack off), the cum that comes out is now known as jo spit, cum, man juice, nutted
yo, i just put jo spit all on that bitches hair
by brent lindeman September 07, 2007
a dirt face is when you shit on your hand and smear it all over a person's face.
Justin Andrew Zych, from Plano, TX, is a huge dick sucker who loves to be snow angled and puppy chowed all day.
Justin Andrew Zych, from Plano, TX, was talking shit the other day, so I snuck up behind him and gave him a huge dirt face from behind.
by brent lindeman December 29, 2008
when you put chex in you hand, cum on them, then shove it in a person's mouth.
Justin Zych said he was going to snow angel me, so instead I puppy chowed him first.
by brent lindeman December 03, 2008
jack off, choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, plaing with yourself
yo, i can't wait to go home jo!
Man last night i joed!
by brent lindeman September 07, 2007

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