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17 definitions by brenna

A sense that allows for someone to detect homosexuality in another
That one registered a blip on my gaydar!
by Brenna August 08, 2003
Better than sex.

Burt is goddamn genius! He's pretty sexy, too.

Good old Burt.

I want to cuddle with him.
ooo the tingle.

I love burts bees.

I put it on every day.

I put it on every few minutes.

I can't live without it.
by Brenna November 11, 2004
very, a lot
The Pittsburgh Penguins did muchly well last night!
by Brenna July 06, 2003
a word for a white trailer trash person
Damn, did you see that cheewee steal those Playboys I just threw out?!
by Brenna December 21, 2004
A girl who gives blow jobs
How's BJ Central?
by Brenna July 03, 2003
A mini-bong. It hits hard and fast so watch it! It bubbles when you toke.
Man...When I hit that bubbler I was all over the place it came so hard!
by Brenna July 08, 2004
The human trait of rarely or never smiling.
Tal is unsmiley all the time.
by Brenna February 03, 2005