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short, slang term for fucking in the ass.
Dude, even though I heard it was awesome I'd never f in the a.

by brenden z January 16, 2006
Gay sex position when 2 males 69 each other.
Dude, did you see the meatball hoagie on brokeback mountain?
by Brenden Z February 10, 2006
A) An Overrated quarterback that relies on a running attack to manage a football game. Typically 14-24, 208 yds, outgained by the runningbacks.

B) An extremely white quarterback that tries to act black (despite going to Miami University - prep city). Usually found at post-game press conferences wearing a HUGE silver cross that hangs about 2 feet from his neck.
Bob: Whats the QB's name from Pittsburgh?
Mike: Ben roethlisberger
Bob: Yeah, he threw for like 225 yards last week in the thrilling 20-7 victory last week. He really hands the ball off like a pro!
by Brenden Z February 04, 2006
A slang term for cocaine. Comes from the shortened version of Vanna White-smokin hot hostess of wheel of fortune
Dude, do you know anybody that's got any vanna?
by Brenden Z January 15, 2006
The short for smoking a bowl...usually effective when speaking in front of parents, or "squares"
Dude, I've have a killer headache...let's go on the back prch and "smee a bee"
by Brenden Z January 15, 2006
abbreviation for "dog shit taco," used to describe the state of feeling like shit.
I feel like DST...I drank way too much last night!
by brenden z January 16, 2006
Short for derelict, it's used as an adjective to describe something that's ratty or shady
The port-o-lets outside the concert were so daryl, that I almost threw-up
by Brenden Z January 15, 2006
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