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The guilty pleasure a man gets from rubbing his fingers along his unwashed gooch before valiantly sniffing them and nodding his head in approval.
Man 1 - "Hey man, did you just see that guy slyly rub his gooch and then sniff them valiantly, subsequently nodding like that dog of the churchill adverts?"

Man 2 - "Sure did bro. That guy must love a bit of gooch guilty pleasure."
by breeski December 15, 2010
The guilt a man feels when he begins to dry his face with a towel before realising that he has used it the night before as a cum rag.
Man: "Hey can you pass me that towel?"

Woman: "Yea sure" (passes the towel) "What's wrong?"

Man: "I've got some serious towel guilt. I forgot I used it as a cum rag last night."
by breeski December 15, 2010

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