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An amazing guitarist, best known for his work with System of a Down where he also did back up vocals and wrote most of the lyrics. He is a great artist and stands for world peace. He's been known to be pretty out there and to say and do odd/ random things on and off stage, that is not to say he can't be deep. He has great stage presence, in fact the awesomeness level of a room goes significantly up when he enters it. Daron is just so... Daron. And its wonderful. Even though he's going through one of his "sedated" stages right now, he's still full of Darony goodness :D Basically a magical, sexy, musical, beast!!!
Interviewer: So, why did you make this a double album?

Daron Malakian: Well, *stoned out silence*, superman came to me and told me to make this a double type of record... so I said, "Well alright Superman", then batman came along and...

A) Wow, Daron's guitar solo was orgasmic!
B) Daron exudes orgasmicness.
by breathing is fun May 17, 2009

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