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3 definitions by breatheyourAIR

San Diego Version:

- to chill or relax

(yes, i know it sounds weird but hey, that`s us in san diego)
i was bickin it with the homies down at mark`s pad
by breatheyourAIR May 05, 2005
343 118
1)the series of events that`s supposed to happen to you. when messed with, can recieve consequences or will do nothing whatsoever unless taunted everyday.
2)a sister of karma, daughter of time.
"fate is one long railroad track. whenever you jump out of a train and onto a new one, you`ll always end up on the same track." --arianne (aka me)
by breatheyourAIR May 05, 2005
32 28
1)a person who sucks and blows.
2)a person that is a loser.
3)stupid, loser, retard, reject, etc.
4)a word that is not constantly used in the youth's language except when damning about chores.
5)a tool used to clean stuff in carpets, hardwood, and whatever.
1&2) mark just pushed you suuuuuuuper hard or something. you say 'YOURE A VACCUUM!'
3) or you can also tell mark 'YOURE SOOO VACCUUM!'
4) only this guy matt says it. then i said it.
5) yo! get the dirt devil and fuckin suck the dirt out the carpet or somthing!
by breatheyourAIR April 30, 2005
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