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Austalian slang for a 24 pack of beer.
I'm going down to the bottlo to grab us a slab of VB to share with my mates when we watch the footy tonight.
by bread infection December 31, 2005
used when something goes wrong
Person: Did you remember to lock the door?
You: D'oh!
by bread infection October 24, 2005
variation of cum, kum, cream sauce, white wash, my descendants, or ejactulate.
I think my spooge left pecker tracks on her sheets.
by bread infection January 01, 2006
to fart out of the female pussy.
"oh lord, did i just qeef myself?" O_o this is my first word ^_^
by bread infection December 30, 2005
to be happy cause you're eating cheese.
today i was lala at the cheese factory
by bread infection November 09, 2005
to take a mouthful of drink from a container (cup/glass/bottle) and spit it out back into the container in which saliva and bits of food go back in with the drink
Someone eats a carrot sandwhich and becomes an arsehole by taking a mouthful from their cup and spitting it back in which bits of bread and carrot go into the drink with saliva=backwash
by bread infection October 21, 2005
slang word used by most Aussies describing AFL (Australian Football League).
I’m going to watch the footy.
by bread infection December 05, 2009

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