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A video game that pisses you off so much, you have no alternative but to throw your controller in disgust. Otherwise known as Mario Kart.
Buddy 1: We need to get some 4-player Smash Brothers going on.
Me: I've only got 3 controllers
Buddy 2: What happened to the 4th one that was here last weekend?
Me: Mario Kart.
Buddy 1 + Buddy 2: Ooooooohhhhhh. Bit of a controller thrower, huh?
by braves006 March 30, 2009
The act of sneaking up behind someone in the locker room after gym class or a football game and wrapping your freshly used jock strap around their face and pulling it tight.
I ended up with the scent of taint on my face when Joey gave me jocksygen after the game.
by braves006 January 02, 2009
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