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Slash (mainly) between twins.
1. Elladan and Elrohir, twin sons of Elrond of Imladris. From lotr
2. Weasley twins from HP
by brat July 03, 2004
a Lit Essay is a 5 paragraph paper that you write after you read a book in English class. they are a bitch to write and a complete waste of time and energy.
using quotes by Jim from Adventures of Huck Finn are a bitch to write out.
by brat April 10, 2005
Incest between siblings in fanfiction. Siblings + incest = sibcest.
For example Éowyn and Éomer in lotr.
by brat July 03, 2004
Inner Council of Jesters Of War (see Jesters of War for more info) who loves to fight others and usually wins, as well as extorting large sums of money.
WeaponsX just extorted 4.9 million from DoZ.
by Brat November 17, 2004
A classy, old, smart, experienced lady who is admired by her Brat friend.
Stars is the best person in the world
by Brat May 31, 2003
Do you people even know what the word means?
Geez, If you dont, Your a real sad person for calling people who arnt retarded, retarded. So next time you call someone retarded, Stop, and think..."Are they really retarded?"
Do i really have to put in an example? honestly
by Brat October 11, 2004

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