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when a man pounds the shit out off a drunk college girls vagina,
jb threw a gash crasher on that drunk pig!!!!!
by brassballs February 09, 2008
A Faggot that talks trash over xbox live and listens to dubstep. These are also known as outcasts of society. Usually found in call of duty.
John: Yo dude, who's that fatass kid talking trash in call of duty?
Billy: i have no idea, but hes a total Techno Faggot
by BrassBalls February 07, 2012
when one fucks a womans hair,while getting a blow job.usually ending with a load of cum in her hair.usually women 50+ enjoy this experience.
jb cock combed that old bitch and nutted in her hair
by brassballs February 08, 2008
how a female acts during there period. when finding out you cheated on themnot paying child support on time]meaning cara in PIG latin!!!!!!!
cuntanism,cuntanism,cuntanism need i say any more
by brassballs February 09, 2008
to ward away evil spirits,said load and long as one wave his hands in front of said object person.known for getting
rid of bad juju.can also used to start faulty machinery.or shut up x wife
shoomba,jb said to the evil x juju
by brassballs February 10, 2008
it usually flies out of one's mouth after doing a huge bong hit of some killer nugs
nate hacked up some bong flung after doing some killer bong rips
by brassballs February 10, 2008
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