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v. to puke; to throw up.
A Fernando can be often caused by exercising after eating.
Boy 1: Dude, you shouldn't run after having that big lunch.
Boy 2: Don't worry about me.

*After one lap in the track*

Boy 2: Oh man, I don't feel well. *throws up*
Boy 1: Eww! You just did a Fernando. Now stop puking on the track ramp!
by BrasilStyle February 09, 2009
A creation of Massa Kim after witnessing a nigger's obsession for meat.

The John Burger consists of a meat patty in between two more meat patties, so that you will never run out of meat.
John: Damn, there is no more bacon on this sandwich. *throws the sandwich on the ground and steps on it*
Brasil: Dude, think about your starving brothers in Africa.
John: I don't eat a sandwich if it runs out of meat.
MassaKim: Hey John, I'll create a burger that has a meat patty in between two meat patties, so that you never run out of meat, and call it the John Burger.
Brasil: Surely is good.
John: Thank you Massa Kim. You are a genius.
by BrasilStyle August 27, 2009
v. to have a cramp, as in, a painful contraction of the muscle.
Often used to make fun of a person named John, who has lots of cramps.
Running boy 1: Oh, Dude! I'm getting a cramp!
Running boy 2: You mean, you're getting a John.
Running boy 1: Yeah! This John hurts like a bitch!
John: Fuck you!
by BrasilStyle January 27, 2009
It wasn't invented by the white man as most people think.
Basketball originated in Africa, where blacks would play using coconuts or anything round that they could find or make.
They would also tie baskets to the top of trees and play like that.
The white man just wanted the credit for something he didn't invent, like always.
Brasil: No wonder black people are so good at basketball. They have been playing it for ages.
HyunGyum: Man... I wish I was black, but I'm just a short asian kid. I wish I had your black genes John. :(
John: What the fuck...
by BrasilStyle July 29, 2009
The notorious muzzle shaped like a "W"

It is impossible and pointless to fight it because the muzzle will never stop coming back, so it is much easier to submit and accept that God will not save you because he does not exist.

Those who enter the realm of Weaver can be easily spotted due to the Weaver Muzzle that they wear.
Brasil: Hey Jason, I heard cool guys wear muzzles.
Jason: Naw man, I'm fighting the muzzle.
Dustywabbit: You can't fight it Jason. Just submit.
Jason: No! I will never submit!
Weaver: Jason? Did I give you permission to take off the Weaver Muzzle?
Jason: *puts muzzle on* Mmh mmmh mmh mmmmmh. (I'm sorry Ms. Weaver)
Brasil: So it's true. Cool guys do wear muzzles.
Jason: Mmmh mmh mmmh. (Fuck you man)
by BrasilStyle May 18, 2010
An island in the Western Pacific Ocean.

But more commonly known as "The World's Dumpster."
Guam: Back in Guam, I-
Brasil: Back in the Dumpster. Continue.
Guam: No, fuck you! So back in Gua-
Dusty: Look, there is a dumpster right there. Reminds you of the good times huh? Yeah, good times.
NBJ: I remember the good times I had in the cotton fields.
MassaKim: Shut up negro! Who gave you permission to talk? It's the whip for you.
Guam: Fuck you guys...
by BrasilStyle March 08, 2010
You can't see him because he is not there.
Brasil: So, you're saying that God is the only way to eternal salvation?
HyunGyum: Yeah man, God is all loving and he will save you.
Brasil: Then, why does God make bad people go unpunished?
HyunGyum: hmm...
Brasil: Why doesn't God save the hungry children of the world? That doesn't sound like the "all-loving God" I have heard so much about.
HyunGyum: ...
Brasil: That's right! God doesn't do all of that because he doesn't exist!

Atheists: 1
Believers: 0
by BrasilStyle May 05, 2009

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