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Blisters from way too much masturbation either on your hands or penis.
I had these huge sores on my penis. What a relief, the doctor told me they were just "masturblisters". No prescription needed, just told me to use more hand cream.
by bransey99 February 25, 2009
Getting hit in the testicles and taking it like a man. Ignoring the pain and toughing it out.
"Did you see Bobby, he took a puck right in the nuts. You gotta hand it to him, he got right back up and played the rest of the game. That guy has some tuffticles."
by bransey99 February 26, 2009
The inability to get an erection usually a temporary condition due to fatigue or too much alcohol. Not to be confused with Erectile disfunction disorder.
I had so much to drink last night that I was "chubbless"!
by bransey99 February 25, 2009
Usually associated with the runs. The sound emitting from your backsid whilst seated at a toilet and taking a watery crap.
He ran quickly, he didn't have much time. He could feel the pangs in his bowels as he opened the bathroom door. He quickly locked the door and sat down on the toilet. "sbroootch" the sound was undeniably diarrhea.
by bransey99 February 25, 2009
After a weekend of many sexual encounters, what your man stick looks like on Monday.
Man, I had so much sex on the weekend I got "Chapped Stick"!
by bransey99 February 25, 2009
Someone who has just split up and is without a regular sexual partner.
"That sure sucks for Jimmy breaking up with that wonderful girl. What's he gonna do now that he's jiggyless?"
by bransey99 February 26, 2009
The splashing of toilet water on your backside when in a hurry whilst taking a very quick and hurried crap.
"I was in such a hurry and wasn't paying attention as my log hit the water. I got boomecrap all over my ass."
by bransey99 February 26, 2009
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