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2 definitions by branond

A word created to mean anything it needs to be, it has an actual definition but it is unknown.

It is seen to be a noun though, and could be also related to 'Woba, Wobi, Wobbo'

It is most commonly seen as

Wobo Wobo
Wobo Wobo killed me and he just went plain wobo on me and wobo wobo wobo wobo WOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by branond May 28, 2008
The Lonely Forest is an amazing, but basically unheard of band from the small town of Anacortis, Washington.

You can't find much of their stuff unless you live close, but you could find some of their CDS on iTunes.

They are a fun yet serious indie rock group with very catchey songs that make you think.

Similar to a Modest Mouse like band in terms of creativity.
"I got lost in the Lonely Forest"


I just heard The Lonely Forest in Anacortis, they rocked my underwear off and gave me a popsicle!!!!
by branond June 16, 2008