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Only the Best Band of the 2000's...and for all you little ass fucks (sorry freddie) that don't like them...why don't you go shove your fist down your throat and choke on it. Thank You.Now with that out of the way...I am a killers fan and I can name for you pretty much every song of theirs excluding a few covers. For your information I didn't see the killers on MTV I heard them when my friend put their songs on my Mp3 player.
Person #1 What are you listening to?
Person #2 The Killers
Person #1 Ewww...why are you listening to that shit?I like Fall Out Boy.
Person #2 <blinks> <throws drink in Person #1's face> And that's what I think of your precious Fall Out Boy...Idiot!
by brandons_kittykat March 12, 2007

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