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A loser piece of paraphenalia that is primarily used to smoke meth out of. You can make your own at home with an air freshener tube bought from your local gas station and a torch, that and an 8 ball and you'll be ten to twoing it all night by yourself as you wait in the bushes for hours to tax some guy who owes you dope or money for dope cause you won't get a real job and this is your only recreation and enjoyment, stalking your dopefiends who owe you money cause you're on one and you're, without a doubt, a MORON.
Michelle will never be anything but a dopefiend because she is too busy rolling a glass dick and fucking other women's husbands cause she is a nasty bag whore
by brandon's wife May 21, 2004
the motion you make while smoking meth in a glass dick.
"To smoke" would turn into "smoking",
"ten to two" would turn into "ten to twoing it".
by brandon's wife May 21, 2004
"ten to two" represents the motion in which you roll a glass dick from the ten o clock position to the two o clock position (and back and forth) to melt and smoke your shit cause you are a retard. This term is used as a present tense verb (read example).
dopefiend: Where's all my shit?!!
bagwhore: While you were in the closet fixing your stereo, I just kept ten to twoing it.
by brandon's wife May 21, 2004
the same as on one but for a longer period of time. i.e. five or more days.
He would have outran the cops but he was on a good one and it finally caught up with him.
by brandon's wife May 21, 2004
grape juice and yeast fermented for a week, the foam is then skimmed off and the "pruno" is enjoyed.
my cellie made some pruno and hustled it to the guys in A Pod for some dinner trays.
by brandon's wife June 13, 2004
To take something of value from someone because they owe you money, most likely because you fronted them a bag of shit and they have been dodging you for payment. In most situations possessions are taken through force and violence.
dopefiend 1: I saw (insert name here) at the casinos, they owe me money, let's go to there house and tax their ass.
by brandon's wife May 21, 2004
In terms of methamphetamines, speed/dope/shit, an eighth of an ounce of meth.
Dopefiend1: I traded my kid's Playstation for an eight ball.
Dopefiend2: I traded your wife's DVD player for my eight ball.
by brandon's wife April 13, 2004
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