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Jew Fro: (adj)

1) A non-African American afro, which explains a hairstyle that is bushy enough to grow upward predominantly found on jews. Usually found in a much more un-manicured state of that than a 1970's basketball star.

2) Dustin Diamond's hair-do. (aka screech)
Man I fucking hate that gay ass Dustin Diamond, i wish that drill Sargent would have beat his fat ass on celebrity fit club. I would love to light his jew fro on fire.
by Brando239 December 12, 2007
Manbear: (N)

A hairy, overweight male who tends to stay up late then hibernate throughout the course of the day, waking up no earlier than dusk on an average weekday.

After awaking, a manbear's tendency's are to walk around in inappropriate boxers while his company (whether stuck from riding with "him" the night before, and or an invitee from the guest inside the den) while "he" continues to sleep.

Invitations are commonly issued in the manbear's residence while anticipating the awakening, as their sleeping cycle can vary dramatically from 10 to even over 24 hours in one instance.
Joe: Man i was fucking stuck at the manbear's place all damn day today waiting on him to come out of his den.

Bob: Damn that sucks for you i had a fat blunt of some purp, and some drank i was sippin on, i called your phone but it seemed like it was dead.

Joe: I knew this shit would happen, and when he finally came out of his cave around 8pm he was barely dressed with his hairy flab exposed and his turtle head poking out his boxers!
by Brando239 December 12, 2007
1) A bad ass mother fucker nicknamed "The Natural" who fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship who is the former light heavyweight champion, and is currently the heavyweight champion of the world.

2) A 44 year old you wouldn't fuck with.

One identifiable characteristic of Mr. Couture is the unusual shape of his face, resembling a square more than an oval.
1) Date back to his championship bout over the enormous 6'8", 260lb. Tim Sylvia when we kicked his ass.

2) "If this drunk asshole fucks with me i'm going to Randy Couture his ass."
by Brando239 October 08, 2007
A bitch you can stick your fist inside of her pussy, no lube necessary. The word sister referring to any random female.
The girl i met last night i was down to fuck, until i realized it was Sister Fister.
by brando239 November 18, 2008
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