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ok there are alot of people here say crap bout staten island and like half of is not tru. kay the rich kids there not from south beach most rich kids in staten island are from todth hill. most ppl on the island are really rich or act like they are. yeah are accents are heavy and btw the WHOLE ISLAND IS NOT THE DUMP the dumps in fresh kills and so what if half the island is made if itlians .you don't know nothing unless you live there. yea sadly we're the forggetten brough but who cares cuz everyone know staten island is the best. and there is only one mall and basicly one highway and 4 bridges. we're not wannabee's and WE ARE THE ORGINAL GUDIOS/GUDDETTS.
if your from other broughs and you say staten island sucks they why are ppl mostly from brooklyn and queens moving here ?.
#staten island #dump #forgotten #guidos #south shore #new york
by brandnizzle November 06, 2006
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