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When a hungry vampire takes a bite directly on the taint or anus region. One obtains a scaj, also known as a scabbed over anus.
"Man I wish that guy from Twilight would give me a vampscaj right about now."

"Longshadow bit me right in the ass last night, I hope I don't get a vampscaj."
by brandnewscaj June 21, 2009
A scaj is a scabbed over anus and surrounding area.

It is obtained primarily from rubbing one's anus on the sidewalk, but can also be obtained in other ways such as a rough night or a dirty game of hide-and-seek.

When one refers to theirself, a scaj is a synonym for butthole.
"Tim just stuck a beer bottle up his ass, now he's totally going to get a scaj."

"Mom they checked everywhere, they even looked in my scaj!"
by brandnewscaj June 21, 2009

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