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An entertainment network underwritten and owned by Rupert Murdoch carrying nonsensical news-based programs written to appeal to the far-right of American politics without being fettered to archaic values such as journalistic integrity, honesty or objectivity.
Last night, I saw a report on how the government is planning to enact laws to require all people to sell everything they have and donate the proceeds to help unemployed lazy people.

That sounds horrible! I work too hard for my money to have to help those basterds! Where can I see that report?

Check it out on the Faux News website. Just click on the Bill O'Really button.
by brainpinky April 19, 2011
(n) A feat in baseball rarely achieved in which a batter strikes out, flies out, grounds out and is credited with an error in the field in the same game. Named after Detroit Tigers utility player Ryan Raburn, who since entering the league has achieved the feat at least 37 times costing his team multiple games and possible postseason berths.

See also, Inge Triple Crown
The day after Albert Pujols recorded his first Raburn Cycle, the St. Louis Cardinals 1st baseman announced his retirement from the game and promptly burned all of his bats and gloves.
by brainpinky June 26, 2011

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