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2 definitions by brado creamed corn

A bi, gay or experimenting man's male mistress equivalent.

Derived from man and waiter.
My husband claimed he was staying late at the office, but really he was having sex with his maiter.

My maiter asked me if I wanted to order a cock to go with my tossed salad.
by brado creamed corn August 17, 2012
6 0
An illness in which a person binges on <penis> or has regular episodes of eating <cock> (sucking <dick>, etc.) and feels a loss of control. The person then uses different methods -- such as <masturbation> or abusing their own <anus> -- to prevent weight gain from swallowing <semen>/<come>.
That <bitch> has a nasty case of Dulimia.
by brado creamed corn September 16, 2012
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