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When someone is overly snobbish or smarmy. The expression implies it is an everpresent part of their nature, ever since birth.
Alan was born with a silver spoon up the arse. That's why he has that accent and such....
by Brad Slocum October 25, 2005
incredibly awesome or powerful person; a famous person; a religious leader
many Christians might see Jesus as a SERI
by Brad Slocum October 10, 2003
A delicious dish, native to Central New York State (Upstate). The first recorded bacon pie was baked for the celebration of Noah Cook's birthday.
A bacon pie consists of 3 pounds of slightly pre-cooked bacon baked in a pie crust. It is agreed that it is a beautiful dish to behold, and its taste a unique and wonderous thing. Bacon pie is usually only consumed with root beer.
We are the few, the select, the elite, for we only have partaken of the Pie. You have not, and are therefore inferior.

"Hey Noah, your mom's making us some bacon pie for dinner, right?"
by Brad Slocum October 10, 2005
Society Against Pointless Acronyms
S.O.L. is a pointless acronym for Standards Of Learning- the SAPA should be swooping in any minute now
by brad slocum March 12, 2004
an emotional state usually combining anger, annoyance, nervousness, or pain, in which the person is generally in a bad mood
She was acting like she had a crab up her ass after she didn't win the prom queen nomination.
by Brad Slocum May 26, 2005
Exlamatory phrase to describe pleasure one feels due to pleasing/superior characteristics of something, in reference to the pleasure of consuming heated beans of whatever kind.
Often used by people who rebel against the mainstream'd phrase 'cool beans,' which seems to denote pleasure in comparison to unheated beans.
Friend 1: I just got the new _______ CD!
Friend 2: Hot beans! Cany you burn me a copy?
by Brad Slocum December 28, 2005
A condition of the human mind caused by excessive information absorbtion, often under some type of stress. Often characterized by increased thought flow, jitteriness, and extreme thirst. Usually not healthy for long periods of time, it can be helpful for limited bursts of work, like cramming for finals or finishing a procrastinated project.
"Hear John passed out the other day?"
"Yeah, during the Bio final?"
"Yeah. Saw him the day before. Looked like infoverload to me."
"Prolly. He's always been a procrastinator...."
by Brad Slocum August 30, 2005

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