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A wrinkle, crease, or fold in ones stomach.
Ahh! My stomach is full of rugas!
by Brad June 09, 2003
The act of penal penatration to a fetus's skull.
While I was fucking this bad ass bitch It felt like I was hitting a wall with my dick, but then she said to quit dick bumping her baby.
by Brad February 04, 2005
Southern Comfort is when you recieve oral sex (headjob) from a girl who resides in either New South Wales or Victoria.

Very rarely would a headjob from Tasmania be considered a "Southern Comfort".
Brad: Oi Tony, I got a southern comfort from that girl i was tellin you about.

Tony: Onya Boy!
by Brad January 30, 2008
best car in the world best in tiger gold with mirror tints and four wheels
by brad June 12, 2003
When you're having intercourse in the vaginal region with a female and you "pull out" and quickly shove it in her anal cavity and continue with rough butt sex.
Good 'ol was fuckin' dem bitches down by da water and gave his bitch a Pearl Harbor
by Brad November 21, 2004
the testicles, nuts, ball bags
OH CRIKEY hes got my dangle berries
by Brad April 09, 2004
we'll meet at the chop shop
by Brad February 26, 2004

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