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1. a common phrase used in I.M. and text. it signifies the high level of how desperate/emotionally dependent a person is. it shows that they "love" them and that they really need to make out.
2. a signature added at the end of any message used in text sex. it is generally used to show that the two people were not having text sex but "making love" over texting instead.
1. abe2lincoln2lover2 : ur so awesome <3kiss<3 i cant live w/out u <3kiss<3
sportsrcool : duh do u want 2 come over
abe2lincoln2lover2 : YES <3kiss<3 !!!!!!! what lipgloss shuld i wear?

2. melissa - OMG me and mike were totalllllly having text sex last night!!!
janie - no you werent!! (grabs melissa's phone) you were making love while texting... see all the <3kiss<3 he added!
by bra bra radke February 06, 2009
Titty Fuck Nick Jonas

the last two initials are interchangeable with other celebrities.
Horace: I heard that Brian got to TFNJ last night.
Ian: What a lucky guy.
by bra bra radke March 30, 2010
when you take the physical aspect of a relationship wayy to fast (skipping bases). knowing that its not a good idea. generally happening the 1st week of a relationship or the 2nd day. doing this results in turning the relationship into a relationshit.
jasmine: did you hear? mike and koral totally 2nd day'ed their relationship yesterday.
sammy: wow. what fools. well, i hope they have luck with the rest of their relationshit.
by bra bra radke March 15, 2009
a relationship or relationshit that happens when a totally pussy of a guy starts dating a pussy of a girl. very common when both people are extremely desperate ,horny, and bored.
Franco - did you hear that Sam and Ally are going out now?
Deliah - thats great they're both pussies!
Queenie - yeah! its like two pussies in a pod!
Franco - thats what i thought! now lets go get some bearded tacos!!!
by bra bra radke February 08, 2009
a nickname for those named Brian
person 1 - hello. my name is Brian but my friends call me Bra Bra.
person 2 - well hello, Bra Bra.
by bra bra radke February 06, 2009

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