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greeting term used by african american ghetto dwellers, or by those who wish they were
rich boy#1: yo, fo shizzle
other: dude, thats just pathetic
by br December 11, 2003
A very fierce member of Blizzforums who likes to fight in Pie Wars and correct grammar.
Gonissa will pwn you.
by BR November 05, 2003
the act of pleasuring oneself.
a.k.a "tugging root"
Troy couldnt get any sex so he had to go home and "tug root"
by BR October 30, 2003
People use jville to describe a wealthy are also known as phoenix. it is not located in Arizona but in Md. Mothers are stay-at-home soccer moms and drive SUVS. We attend private prep schools and live in huge houses, sometimes way out there. Our favorite hangouts are Strapasta, McDonalds and Papermill Pharmacy. We do not have anywhere to shop so we usually go to Cockeysville. Everything is more expensive and we can afford it.
KT: oh em gee I live in jville...do u know where that is?

Brit: Isn't that like phoenix?

KT: most deff. see u at lax prax!
by BR November 18, 2005
This means that the person has or intends to have a primarily heterosexual lifestyle, with a primary sexual and emotional attachment to someone of the opposite sex. But that person remains open to sexual encounters and even relationships with persons of the same sex. It is a rejection of bisexuality since the inevitable question that comes up in bisexuality is one of preference, and the preference of the homoflexible is quite clear.
No, I'm not gay, I'm homoflexible
by br September 26, 2003
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