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phrase used when someone is bragging to you about certain price they got on something.
origin: this phrase was seen sometime in 1993 on a hand written poster advertising a carpool from collge back to the Boston area. Actual phrase was "I'm cheaper than the bus". After finding out who wrote it, it became an inside joke (how much is this, cheaper than the bus haha) but quickly became a regional term for a good deal.
"glass pieces at Conventry were only 30 bucks!"
"wow, those are cheaper than the bus"
by bph4eva October 30, 2004
phrase used to describe a "bucket hat" when worn by custies, mooks and f-ed up frat boys. In a crowd of beer guzzling abercrombie wearing mooks, there will always be one wearing the hat in question.
"Some fratboy threw his Dude party hat on stage at the Dave Matthews Band concert."
by bph4eva October 30, 2004
Type of shit when you need to fight with a it to come out, or a general term for being costipated,or in pain due to shitting.
"I just fought the evil Brown Demon in the men's room, and won"
by BPH4EVA October 28, 2004
phrase used by wooks and dirt surfersasking to sleep for free on your hotel room floor. Be warned! this type of dirt surfer is VERY hard to get rid of! They have no money any will beg you to "kickdown floorspace" until you give them a final answer.
"This dude "freebird" asked us if he can kickdown some floorspace before our flight to Phish in Vegas was even off the ground!"
by bph4eva October 30, 2004
when you realize a dog just licked you after eating his or her own shit.
"Cleo shlicked me right on the face this morning!"
by bph4eva October 29, 2004

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