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1 definition by boyznblu

A rental house occupied by a black family, where the carpet is filthy, a big screen TV fills the living room, there is one chair, and a nasty dirty bed in the back room where all the kids sleep together, the boys molest the girls, and the house smells like shit.

If it's not a rental, it will be a "pre-forclosure" and the house will also look like crap, there may be holes in the floor, the carpet will be 40 years old and frayed, the walls will look nasty, and the house will have an odor of crack pipe
Tenisha was be living in a nigger shack, but her damn cracker landlord effected her cuz she didn't be getting her obama money, so she moved back wif her baby daddy on MLK avenue
by boyznblu July 05, 2011