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A verb that is used frequently in romance novels describing how a woman's nipple pops outwardly during a scene with a lot of sexual tension or just plain, old-fashioned sex.
Under the gentle but calloused hands of the stable boy, Thomasio, the Countess Fiora's desire grew obvious as her breasts swelled and her nipples pebbled.
#boobs #breasts #jugs #nips #basoomas
by boysnightout October 07, 2009
A term used by some Filipinos to discreetly describe a guy who has a really huge dick. Waki means "wasak kiki" which literally means "destroyed pussy/cunt/vagina/box". It is considered slang because it is a term that orginated from the streets.
Girl: Waki ka ba? (Are you a waki?)

Boy: WTF does that mean?

Boy 2: Wasak kiki, dude. She's asking if you've got a huge dong!
#huge dick #big penis #large penis #huge penis #big dick
by boysnightout January 27, 2011
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