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3 definitions by boysie

Derived from the verb "to rinse" "was rinsed" and "going to rinse" if you win something by a big margin or to do something in a big way.
did you play well last night yin? oh blid we fucking Rinsed it!
by boysie November 19, 2004
coming from nonce (affectionate term used for friend in a camp attitude)describes an action one would use to hit it hard or giving it the big one
if you are going to get pissed on a night out you may say - we are going to hit it hard on a noncerthon rin.
by boysie November 19, 2004
from Bretherin also "blidrin" an affectionate term used towards a friend
cheers rin - thank you
easy rin - hello
by boysie November 17, 2004