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No Limit is a Korean Drama, it tells about an underdog soccer player named Cha Bong Goon. He wants to reach his dream to be a professional soccer player. It's hard, but he doesn't want to give up. There is also his love life between he, Kang Hae Bin (his agent), and Oh Yeon Yi (his best friend), ando Jang Seung Hoo (Kang Hae Bin's boyfriend).

This is a very inspirational Korean drama for me, it can begin my spirit to reach my dreams. I'll always love this drama although No Limit's rating is low in Korea.
Maybe that's because the correspondents don't have any television so actually they don't watch anything!

Stars: U-Know Yunho (TVXQ leader), Go Ah-Ra, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim Jae-Seung, Lee Sang Yoon, etc.

(and enjoy U-KNOW YUNHO--my idol's handsome face :))
#high #inspirational #begin #reach #love
by boyokampung August 07, 2010
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