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3 definitions by boyinthepenaltybox

19th century slang for homosexual men
before his election, president james buchanan and senator william rufus king
lived together as intimate friends for fifteen years in washington, d.c.. buchanan's and king's close relationship prompted many, including andrew jackson, to call buchanan & king "a couple of aunt nancys.., while aaron v. brown spoke of the two as "buchanan and his wife."
by boyinthepenaltybox March 31, 2011
the gay pride parade in any large city with a high rate of hiv infection in the 'mo community..
dude.. we're going to san francisco this weekend for the a.i.d.s. parade...

dude 2.. the what?

dude.. you know, gay pride....

dude 2... lmao!
by boyinthepenaltybox July 03, 2011
any apartment building or block of flats within 3 blocks of a subway station... usually run down... the projects... ghetto housing
dude... you live here?
man these flats are the subway arms apartments for sure...

dude 2... stfu!
by boyinthepenaltybox July 03, 2011