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25 definitions by bowman

A term for mariujana of any sort.
"Let's smoke some pot."
by Bowman June 16, 2002
A respectful term for testicles or female organs.
Some parents tell their children to wash their privates in the bath.
by Bowman June 16, 2002
Shorts or pants that show the outline of ur "wang" or penis.
Hahaha Fred is wearing Wang Pants
by Bowman March 30, 2003
To combine cocaine and heroin in one douse, or a drug in it's own that is a combination of cocaine and heroin, so the desired user can take it at once. Some have termed it a more organized version of speed, which is why it is called "speedball", because it's been packed together organized, with actual care, like it takes care to make a ball.
Most people prefer Speed to Speedball, unless they mistake them."
by Bowman June 16, 2002
A variant of "fuck" used on Canadian television, primarily "Royal Canadian Air Farce". Youths have been known to use it while quoting, if the word "fuck" should come up in the quotation.
"Aww, eff off!"
by Bowman June 16, 2002
When a victim is tied up, be it in a rack or with ropes or hand-cuffs, in a strategic method, and tickled mercilessly. Usually, words are written on the victim's feet, and pictures are taken, both still and moving. Rarely does sex occur, although errections and urination may.
"I filmed my girlfriend in tickle torture."
by Bowman June 16, 2002
An expression of disbelief, like "Get out of town!", although it can also be used as a Canadian variation of "Fuck off!"
"Take off, eh!"
by Bowman June 16, 2002