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Derogatory term for people in the Middle East, because they live in sand, like the jawas from Star Wars. Also "sand people"
Because of propaganda, many jawas do not like Americans.
#middle east #iraq #war #star wars #sand
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe August 21, 2009
Lame-ass emo wannabes who pretend to be 'deep', 'melancholy', or 'misundrstood' while in actuality are some of the bubbliest, shallowest people on the planet. Usually have infatuations with Twilight, Chharlie the unicorn, and cheap emo bands they probably don't even listen to.
Sorry I'm late. I got caught behind the preps in black at Hot Topic, and had to stand there for an hour while they wrung up their wristbands and talked about Twilight.
#emo #emo wannabe #prep #emo kid #twilight
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe September 21, 2009
1.What happens to people on a very strict diet (especially vegans or anorexics) due to lack of nutrients or calories. Symptoms include stupidity, irrational behavior, and going ape shit without frequent meals of approved food.

2. Why granolas can be so irritating and hard to be around.
Sheila: "What's up with Jenny? She flipped out on me for no reason yesterday, and she keeps acting like Smeegul from Lord of the Rings with that bag of organic trail mix."

Kevin: "I think it's because she went vegan recently."

Sheila: "Oh, I get it. Dietary retardation."
#granolas #diets #retards #retardation #vegans
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe December 03, 2010
person, especially a celebrity or wealthy person, always involved in an organization or helping a cause. Examples include Angelina Jolie and Paul McCartney.
Everyone who lives in San Francisco is a causemonger. They just can't seem to be happy unless they're bettering the planet somehow.
#activist #cosmonger #liberal #conservative #warmonger
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe July 26, 2009
1: The victorious feeling emos get from generating a lot of pity or attention through crying, whining, etc.
2: The heady rush of adrenaline masochists get from being in pain.
Student 1: Why do the emos always come from the counselor smiling?
Student 2: They're having emogasms from all the attention.

Sharon had an intense emogasm when she cut "pain" into her arm with a razor blade.
#emo #masochism #orgasm #pain #emos
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe December 24, 2009
A group of emos, or a friendship shared by two or more emos.
I saw another wallowship at the mall today, talking about sadness.
#emo #emos #sadness #wallow #friendship
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe August 21, 2009
Metaphorical badge given to al people accpeted as rednecks by the redneck community. The redneck badge of honor can be taken away. Similar to a {gay card} but for rednecks.
Bubba and Skeeter took away my redneck badge of honor after finding out I don't watch NASCAR or eat KFC.

After my 12th can of Pabst, I spray-painted a Confederate flag on my trailer and was given the redneck badge of honor.
#redneck #nascar #kfc #hick #confederate
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe December 30, 2009
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