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the term to describes when someone gets fired/released from a company. most notably a term in pro wrestling when a person gets released from the company. the term comes from the typical press release that WWE puts out every time they announce a wrestler getting release from the company, and they post "wish with him/her well in there Future Endeavors
man, that guy just got Future Endeavored today, hope he doesn't go nuts over it.
by boutitbenza_69_9 April 30, 2010
a woman or man who is a "Cam whore" who chats with people on social networking sites and instant message programs to promote there websites. most of these models are in fact models/porn stars from porn companies trying to lure people into there websites to spend money, most send a link to there sites.
she's a cam model, she tried to get me to go to here webcam porn site.
by boutitbenza_69_9 February 27, 2010

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