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3 definitions by bout that life

Someone that is Asian getting crunk.
Man Noah always be getting crasian.
by bout that life October 18, 2012
Stacking Paper Mafia is a large group of thugs who will do anything to get some money this is obviously why they are called Stacking Paper Mafia. They are usually nonviolent, unless you play with there money. No one really knows what they do to get this money. There colors are green and white. Many people call is SPM for short.
"Don't mess with Stacking Paper Mafia, you know they bout that life"
by bout that life October 18, 2012
A sensible girl who is very bright. She works to her best ability. But once a trick comes across her funny, it won't take more than two seconds for her to come back at them. She doesn't think she is pretty so don't lower her self esteem. Kaytrizahs are funny at times. She ain't bout that life sometimes, but she alright. WARNING: DO NOT LET RATCHETS COME BY KAYRTIZAHS (Will end in a ratchastrophe= ratchet+catastrophe, just kidding)
You know Kaytrizah?

Yea, that girl who slapped Kency in his face because he was acting funny/ratchet.
by Bout That Life December 28, 2013