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uncontrollable farts that manage to seep out, usually silent
"You may clench as hard as you can but they still manage to seep out."
"Goddamn smelly Seeping farts"
by bourkes May 15, 2005
A tiny piece of excremement that has stayed in your pants for too long. It has caused tremendous odours
Like Skidmarks except larger.

"Brown marks in yo pants"-that can be smelt easily
by Bourkes May 10, 2005
a attempt of fully inserting the scrotum (including testicles)in to ones mouth and ejactulating at the same time...
"scrotum scoffing is so fun when your mama does it"
by Bourkes May 12, 2005
is the use of the fist to feel the inner regions of ones rectum.

Usually searching for abnormalities, however can be used to enduce sexual pleasure in older men.
"Doc i felt something up there when i was Inner reeaching"
by bourkes May 11, 2005
-long skinny poo comes in long countinous lines
-slang term for hemorrhoids
"I was makin my own noodles after tea last night 'bum noodles'"

"Yo man check out those bum noodles, they are like hell on my ass."
by bourkes May 11, 2005
the use of cock, forced into someones nasil passages, in the hope to enduce pleasure
"prince charles loves nasil intercourse"
by bourkes May 11, 2005
slang term meant to mean cockhead
Yo Anthony you are such a coghead
by Bourkes May 12, 2005
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