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He is the most amazing guy in the world! The ONLY amazing guy in the world! No other guy can compare to him! He is beyond your wildest dreams. He is incredibly gorgeous with a lightening smile and strong arms to carry you through life (like on auto cruise). He is sexy, sweet and a passionate kisser, very passionate. He is desired so many girls because he's incredible. he's the best bestfriend and perfect boyfriend. I love him and really i think i love him more than love it self (is that possible? Most definitely because it Jerome). He is my true love. He's a guy who is lovable, trustworthy and someone who you know will always love you and who you can love through the fabulous, freaky, low, high, awesome, incredible times. He's a guy who will be there 24/7 always there. Light hearted who can make you smile every moment of the day. He's someone to love and treat with passion and respect. He's a once in a life time guy. If you find your Jerome treasure him.
girl 1: is that your Jerome?
girl 2: oh honey, he is and my gosh! he is amazing!
girl 1: you are a lucky thing you better take good care of him! he's TREASUREFUL!
by bottleofbubbly119 June 29, 2010

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