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When you think someone is waving to you , and you eagerly wave back saying hi just to find out the person is not actually waving to you, but the person behind you. This results in extreme humiliation , and failure to know what to do next.
Kelly waves at Suzie
Jackie thinks Kelly is waving at her and waves back , eagerly.
Kelly walks past Jackie and hugs Suzie, greeting her.
Jackie stands there vulgarly humiliated, unable what to do next.

Kelly and Suzie talk about how how Jackie has mis-taken waving at Kelly
by bostonbitch January 22, 2011
The droppings that come off your shoe, when you come in from shoveling , typically dirty and slimy. Mothers usually stop you at the door and are conflicted whether to thank you for shoveling , or yell at you for leading a trail of snow shuzzle in the house.
Mom: (cleaning while son is shoveling)
son:(walks in) Mom! i finally finished shoveling out the driveway!
Mom:Thanks son, wait is that snow shuzzle u tracked in the house?
Son: mom ! it took my 2 hours to shovel! give me a break!
Mom: (fustrated what to say, looks down Nd walks away.) whispers fustrated- thank you..
by bostonbitch January 22, 2011

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