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1. The act of being sick, demented and/or sleeze.
2. The fact that you are sick, demented and/or sleeze.
1. That dude is so otsegolectric.
2. He is an otsegolectric; stay away from him.
by Boston March 31, 2005
An acceptionally large blunt, also known as godfather, god body, G.
"yo me and syco rolled a crazy gotti tuesday!"
by Boston December 25, 2004
He's known to pop a collar when he drops a dollar;the three point brawler, the prank caller, and the 21 baller of the decade.
Did you get Arya on your fantasy team?
by Boston April 07, 2003
Quite possibly the slickest human being of all time.
You have been hit by Slick Nick.
by Boston April 07, 2003
A hooded up female a hood rat and female that ain't nothin but trouble always tryin 2 be on the come up
"who, sadeares, that skee-o? She ain't nothin but trouble."
by Boston December 25, 2004
To have fighting skills
"yo, oh boy had some chunk ums he beat that fools ass!"
by Boston December 25, 2004
1: one who doesnt think things are funnny when they happen to him, although will laugh at others misfortune whenever presented to him.

2: one who has OCD when it comes to timing, one who never strays from his daily routine

3: to be obsessed with ONE video game never straying from that game to another even when other forms of gaming are presented, ie goldeneye. one who will sit on the couch all day long and play said videogame.

4: a person who cant eat from the same place of takeout more than once a year

5: the inventor of the word "bonus-beer"
1: air-horn wakeups are funny when we do them to lance, but not mcveigh. see; the posting of this definition

2: "its 7 oclock wheres mcveigh?"
"watching the simpsons, Boston."

3: "its 730 wheres mcveigh?"
"playing goldeneye, Boston."

4: feb. 3rd 1030 am. "hey Rad is this mcveighs krystals bag?"
"no Boston, he had krystals last sept."

5: see; fag-beer, stupid names, coors light, busch lite cans.
by boston March 09, 2005
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