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Redneck for They took our jobs!
1.) Used when those goobacks from the future come to our present time and start taking over peoples jobs, and the only way to stop them is to get gay
2.) When someone says NEY TOOK ER DERBS!!! It is customary to say it again, and for other people to repeat it also using less syllables or in a different way
"We started a lemonade stand and the people from out future took it over"
the rednecks don't understand
"Oh I'm sorry.... DEY TOOK ER DERBS!!!!"
by boshi January 27, 2005
1 - Cd on the periodic table
2 - term used for coon daddy that white people say to black people to their face and don't get gatted because they don't know what it means
"Those damn cadmium took er derbs!!!!"
"That cadmium keeps coming around here asking for tree fitty, and I bet he's goin to buy some crack with it."
by boshi January 26, 2005
Meaning damn i got you good that time.

Used when you make someone say the word "What?" Not any combination of what and another word, just plain old "What?"
"Derja ber der da time yo?"
by boshi January 27, 2005
1 - Fro's poolstick (used to push poop out of the way in poopland)
2 - Vile item with poop on the end of it (often used in attempt to poke someone with it)
Joe fro lost the game useing the pooplow.
Joe fro has the pooplow stuck in his ass.
There is poop on the pooplow.
by boshi January 27, 2005
1 - Fro's house
2 - Term used to descripe the horriblest, most vile place possible, that is covered in poop, and not just dog poop, but human poop too
"What did you do last night?"
"Went to poopland and got drunk again."
by boshi January 27, 2005
Taking someone's boobs and putting them on someone else (male or female)
"Shut up before I l mack you!"
"But that's not possible, I don't have boobs."
"Ohhhh but it is, because im going to take Fatman over theres boobs and put them on you, with a hypotransboobectamy!"
by boshi January 27, 2005
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